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Bialecka-Florjanczyk, Ewa

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Bialecka-Florjanczyk, E.


Bauman, Danuta;   Bednarek, E.;   Ganicz, Tomasz;   Gladkova, Natalya K.;   Górecka, Ewa;   Kedzierski, Jerzy;   Kojdecki, Marek A.;   Kowalczyk, E.;   Kowalewska, Anna;   Lipinska, Ludwika;   Majewska, Ewa;   Makal, Anna;   Melon-Ksyta, Dorota;   Miszczyk, Emilia;   Orzeszko, A.;   Orzeszko, Andrzej;   Pluta, Miroslaw;   Przedmojski, Jan;   Raszewski, Zbigniew;   Sledzinska, Irma;   Soltysiak, Joanna;   Soltysiak, Joanna T.;   Stanczyk, Wlodzimierz;   Stanczyk, Wlodzimierz A.;   Stolarzewicz, Izabela;   Wolarz, Eryk

Publication Titles

1986: 4-Alkyl-4'-alkoxybiphenyls
1986: Preparation of optically active derivatives of S-1-phenylethylamine useful in liquid crystals
1993: Comb-like liquid crystal polymers based on chain polycarbosilanes
1993: Comb-like polycarbosilanes-routes to a new group of liquid crystal polymers
1995: Effect of the length of a flexible spacer on the mesomorphic properties of oligo(cyclosiloxanes)
1995: Synthesis of structurally well defined organosilicon LC polymers
1996: Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal polycarbosilanes: poly(1-methyl-1-silaethylene), poly(1-methyl-1-silabutane) and poly(1-silabutane) with pendant mesogenic groups
1998: Mesogenic properties of dimeric liquid crystals with organosilicon spacers
1998: Synthesis and thermal properties of twin compounds, alkanediacids 4-(4'-cyano)-biphenyl diesters
1999: Dielectric study of the liquid crystalline dimer .alpha.,.omega.-bis(4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yloxy)decane
1999: Evidence of the smectic antiphase ~C in 4-decyloxybiphenyl ester imide derivatives
1999: Liquid crystal dimers with organosilicon spacers as models for side chain LC polymers
1999: Preparation of liquid crystal 4-cholesteryloxycarbonylphthalic anhydride
2000: Influence of tri(oxyethylene) spacer on liquid crystalline properties of some dimeric compounds
2000: Polyvinylsilanes: a novel group of organosilicon liquid crystal systems
2000: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of biphenyl esters of monothio- and dithiotrimellitimides
2002: Determination of polar anchoring energy coefficient for nematics- substrate systems by wedge cell method
2002: Effect of molecular architecture on liquid crystalline properties of cyclosiloxanes
2002: Liquid crystalline esters of (E)-3-phenoxyacrylic acid
2002: Liquid crystalline, crosslinked polycarbosilanes
2002: Mesogenic 4-substituted benzoic acid derivatives with oxyethylene chains
2002: Synthesis of novel silicon-modified polyimides
2004: Liquid crystalline cyclic oligosiloxanes containing long alkyl substituents as an end group
2006: Synthesis and Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Cyclic Siloxanes Containing Azo Dye Groups
2006: The Influence of Flexible Segments on Liquid Crystalline Properties in Terms of Solubility Parameters. An Attempt at Quantitative Interpretation
2006: The influence of structural changes of the N-substituent on liquid crystalline behaviour of ester imides
2008: Odd-even effect in biphenyl-based symmetrical dimers with methylene spacer - evidence of the B4 phase
2009: Synthesis and study of new liquid crystalline compounds with an epoxy group


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