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Bialecka-Florjanczyk, E.

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Bialecka-Florjanczyk, Ewa


Adamczyk, A.;   Bauman, D.;   Chlebus, M.;   Ganicz, T.;   Górecka, Ewa;   Haase, W.;   Jakob, E.;   Kolodziejczyk, A.;   Kowalczyk, E.;   Lazowski, K.;   Melon-Ksyta, D.;   Oreszko, A.;   Orzeszko, A.;   Przedmojski, J.;   Roszko, M.;   Sierakowski, M.;   Sledzinska, I.;   Soltysiak, J.;   Stanczyk, W.;   Wolarz, E.

Publication Titles

1978: Investigations of electrochemical processes in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
1981: 4th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Tbilisi
1982: New optically active dopants for liquid crystal mixtures -(S)-1-phenylethylamine derivatives
1984: Chiral nematic phase (induced cholesteric phase) in liquid crystal systems
1993: Comb-like organosilicon liquid crystal polymers
1993: Some novel liquid crystalline derivatives of 4-carboxyphthalimide
1995: Dielectric relaxation in a mixture of a side chain liquid crystalline polymer and a low molecular mass azo dye
1996: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of cholesteryl bisesterimides with poly(ethylene oxide)s as central spacers
1997: Cholesteryl esterimides with oxyethylene and methylene tails
1997: The Influence of Polar Esterimide Group and Oxyethylene Chain on the Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of Choleseryl Derivates
1997: The Liquid Crystalline Properties of Dimers with Organosilicon Spacers
1998: Influence of polar esterimide group and oxyethylene chain on liquid crystalline behavior of cholesteryl derivatives
2002: Thermal Behavior and Mesophase Structure of Cyclic Oligosiloxanes
2004: Studies on the liquid crystalline behaviour of novel N-alkyl-substituted ester imides
2004: Thermal Behaviour and Mesophase Structure of Cyclic Oligosiloxanes With Chiral Mesogenic Groups


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