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Bhowmick, K.

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Bhowmick, Kanishka


Mukherjee, C.D.;   Mukhopadadhyay, A.;   Mukhopadhyay, A.;   Roy, S.K.

Publication Titles

2001: Orientational Order Parameter as a Function of Temperature of Cyanocyclohexyl Cyclohexanes
2004: The Temperature Dependence of the Orientational Order Parameter of the Mesogens : 4'-N-Propyl Phenyl-4-(4'-N-Pentyl Cyclohexyl) Benzoate, Trans-4-propyl cyclohexyl 4-(trans-4-pentyl Cyclohexyl) Benzoate and 4-Pentyl cyclohexyl-4-(4-propyl cyclohexyl) Benzoate from Optical Studies

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