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Bhattacharyya, Pranab K.

Alternative Writings

Bhattacharyya, P.K.


Dailey, Benjamin P.

Publication Titles

1973: 15N magnetic shielding anisotropies in 15N15NO
1973: Anisotropies in carbon-13 chemical shift tensor, H-C-H bond angles and the signs of the coupling constants in 13CH3I, 13CH3Br, 13CH3Cl
1973: Carbon-13 chemical shift anisotropy and the hydrogen-carbon-hydrogen bond angle of methanol-carbon-13 in a nematic liquid crystal solvent
1974: 19F and 31P magnetic shielding anisotropies in phosphoryl fluoride
1975: Carbon-13 magnetic shielding anisotropy in acetonitrile-1-13C obtained from NMR studies in a liquid crystal solution
1975: Deuteron quadrupole coupling constants in CD3F and 1,3,5-C6D3F3


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