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Bhattacharya, Santanu

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Bhattacharya, S.


De, Soma;   Dileep, P.V.;   Easwaran, Kalpathy R.K.;   George, Shaji K.;   Ghosh, Sangita;   Haldar, Saubhik;   Hiremath, Uma S.;   Mandal, Sisir K.;   Moss, Robert A.;   Scrimin, Paolo;   Subramanian, M.;   Subramanian, Marappan;   Swarup, Shanti

Publication Titles

1987: An imidazole-functionalized phosphatidylcholine derivative: nucleophilic vesicles with adjustable reactivity
1995: Surfactant lipids containing aromatic units produce vesicular membranes with high thermal stability
1995: Synthesis, Thermotropic Behavior, and Permeability Properties of Vesicular Membranes Composed of Cationic Mixed-Chain Surfactants
1995: Vesicle formation from dimeric surfactants through ion-pairing. Adjustment of polar headgroup separation leads to control over vesicular thermotropic properties
1997: Electrochemistry of Anthraquinone-Attached Micelle- and Vesicle-Forming Surfactant Assemblies on Glassy Carbon Surfaces
1997: Synthesis and vesicle formation from novel pseudoglyceryl dimeric lipids. Evidence of formation of widely different membrane organizations with exceptional thermotropic properties
1998: Synthesis and Vesicle Formation of Hybrid Bolaphile/Amphiphile Ion-Pairs. Evidence of Membrane Property Modulation by Molecular Design
1998: Synthesis of Macrocyclic Diacyl/Dialkyl Glycerols Containing Disulfide Tether and Studies of Their Effects upon Incorporation in DPPC Membranes. Implications in the Design of Phospholipase A2 Modulators
1999: Synthesis and vesicle formation from dimeric pseudoglyceryl lipids with (CH2)m spacers: pronounced m-value dependence of thermal properties, vesicle fusion, and cholesterol complexation
1999: Synthesis of novel cationic lipids with oxyethylene spacers at the linkages between hydrocarbon chains and pseudoglyceryl backbone
1999: Vesicle Formation from Dimeric Ion-Paired Amphiphiles. Control over Vesicular Thermotropic and Ion-Transport Properties as a Function of Intra-amphiphilic Headgroup Separation


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