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Beyer, Klaus

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Beyer, K.


Brown, Michael F.;   Dodd, Steven W.;   Huber, Thomas;   Kurze, Volker F.;   Löbbecke, Ludwig;   Otten, Dörte;   Rajamoorthi, Kannan;   Thurmond, Robin L.

Publication Titles

1982: Phase structures, water binding, and molecular dynamics in liquid crystalline and frozen states of the system Triton X-100-deuterium oxide
1983: A 31P- and 2H-NMR study on lecithins in liquid crystalline polyoxyethylene detergents
1994: Structure and packing of phosphatidylcholines in lamellar and hexagonal liquid-crystalline mixtures with a nonionic detergent: a wide-line deuterium and phosphorus-31 NMR study
1995: Chain length mismatch and packing constraints of free fatty acids in a hexagonal detergent host phase. A wide line deuterium NMR study
1995: Stages of the bilayer-micelle transition in the system phosphatidylcholine-C12E8 as studied by deuterium- and phosphorus-NMR, light scattering, and calorimetry
2002: Elastic Deformation of Membrane Bilayers Probed by Deuterium NMR Relaxation
2002: Structure of Docosahexaenoic Acid-Containing Phospholipid Bilayers as Studied by 2H NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations


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