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Beunis, F.

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Beunis, Filip


Beeckman, J.;   Bennis, N.;   Bert, T.;   Castillo, P.L.;   Geday, M.;   Neyts, K.;   Otón, J.M.;   Quintana, X.;   Stojmenovik, G.;   Strubbe, F.;   Urruchi, V.;   Vermael, S.;   Verschueren, A.R.M.;   de Smet, H.

Publication Titles

2005: Numerical simulation of the transport of particles in electrophoretic displays
2006: Erasing Strategies for Asymmetric Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Driving Schemes
2007: Monte Carlo algorithm for drift and diffusion of ions in anisotropic, non-homogeneous media
2007: Quasistationary current contributions in electronic devices

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