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Best, Andreas

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Best, A.


Benkhaled, Leila;   Benmouna, Mustapha;   Carbonnier, Benjamin;   Ewen, Bernd;   Maschke, Ulrich;   Olivier, Aline;   Pakula, Tadeusz;   Vendamme, Richard

Publication Titles

2002: A Static and Dynamic Study of the Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet-Cured PDLC Films
2002: Light Scattering from Monomeric and Electron Beam Cured Acrylate/E7 Systems
2002: Properties of Electron Beam Cured Reverse Mode PDLC Films
2004: Static and Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Electron Beam-Cured Monomer and Monomer/Liquid Crystal Systems

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