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Berzina, T.


Bussetti, G.;   Camorani, P.;   Chiaradia, P.;   Costa, M.;   Cristofolini, L.;   D'Amico, A.;   Dalcanale, E.;   Di Natale, C.;   Fontana, M.P.;   Froiio, A.;   Goletti, C.;   Konovalov, O.;   Paolesse, R.

Publication Titles

2002: Molecular relaxation and microscopic structure of multilayers and superlattices of a photosensitive liquid-crystalline polymer
2002: Structure and stability of molecular layers of a photosensitive azo-polyacrylate by X-rays reflectivity and GID
2002: Thickness Dependence of the Optical Anisotropy for Porphyrin Octaester Langmuir-Schaefer Films
2003: Thickness dependent dewetting in photosensitive azo-polyacrylate langmuir blodgett films

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