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Berwick, Kevin

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Berwick, K.


Astrova, Ekaterina;   Astrova, Ekaterina V.;   Moore, Alan;   Moore, R. Alan;   Perova, Tatiana;   Perova, Tatiana S.;   Pilyugina, Jyulia;   Shaganov, Igor I.;   Tolmachev, Vladimir;   Tolmachev, Vladimir A.;   Vij, Jagdish K.

Publication Titles

2003: FTIR and Raman investigation of vertically etched silicon as a 1D photonic crystal
2005: Effect of the Internal Field on the IR Absorption Spectra of Small Particles in the Case of 3D, 2D, and 1D Size Confinement
2005: Optical characteristics of ordinary and tunable 1D Si photonic crystals in the mid-infrared range

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