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Bertolotti, M.

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Bertolotti, Mario


Albertini, G.;   Alippi, A.;   Apostol, D.;   Babin, V.;   Bartolino, R.;   Belardini, A.;   Bloemer, M.;   Bloemer, M.J.;   Bosco, A.;   Bowden, C.M.;   Carter, William H.;   Centini, M.;   D'Aguanno, G.;   Daino, B.;   Fazio, E.;   Ferrari, A.;   Ferrarri, A.;   Lagomarsino, S.;   Martellucci, S.;   Mattiucci, N.;   Melone, S.;   Messina, A.;   Napoli, A.;   Nesrullaev, A.;   Nesrullaev, A.N.;   Papa, T.;   Petris, A.;   Ramadan, W.;   Sansoni, G.;   Sbrolli, L.;   Scalora, M.;   Scudieri, E.;   Scudieri, F.;   Sette, D.;   Settimi, A.;   Severini, S.;   Sibilia, C.;   Sliwinski, A.;   Sturla, E.;   Tikhonov, E.;   Vlad, V.;   Vlad, V.I.;   Zulauf, M.;   di Porto, P.

Publication Titles

1971: Light scattering by electrohydrodynamic fluctuations in nematic liquid crystals
1971: Spatial distribution of light scattered by p-azoxyanisole in applied electric field
1972: Acoustic modulation of light by nematic liquid crystals
1972: Electric and optic behavior of aligned samples of nematic liquid crystals
1972: Light scattering by fluctuations induced by an applied electric field in a nematic liquid crystal (APAPA)
1973: Velocity measurements of electrodynamic flow in a nematic liquid crystal
1974: Irradiance statistics of light scattered by electrodynamic fluctuations in MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidene-p1-butylaniline]
1975: Photon-correlation measurements on light scattered by a nematic liquid crystal under a dc electric field
1975: Statistical properties of dynamic scattering in MBBA
1975: Ultrasonic modulation of light with a liquid crystal in the smectic-A and nematic phases
1976: Acoustohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
1976: Planar dye lasers in isotropic and anisotropic oriented media
1976: Spatial coherence properties of light scattered by disclinations in a liquid crystal
1978: Acoustic emission in liquid crystals
1978: An analysis of the far-field coherence and radiant intensity of light scattered from liquid crystals
1978: Spatial coherence of light scattered by liquid crystals
1978: Ultrasound-produced rolls in nematic liquid crystals as studied through the spatial coherence of scattered light
1979: Acoustic emission at transitions in liquid crystals
1979: Acoustic emission in liquid crystals
1979: Dye laser emission in liquid crystal hosts
1980: Homeotropic alignment of liquid crystals in cylindrical geometry
1980: Ultrasound effects on cholesterics
1981: Interferometric study of the N-SA phase transition in cylindrical structures
1981: Optical response times of deformed liquid crystals
1981: Ultraviolet-pumped liquid crystal dye laser
1981: Variable polarization dye laser in liquid crystal (LC) matrix
1982: Behavior of cholesteric-nematic mixtures under compressional deformations
1987: Optical nonlinear behavior of lyotropic liquid crystal systems
1987: Optical nonlinearities in a lyotropic liquid crystal
1988: Non-linear total reflection at a lyotropic liquid crystal/glass interface
1988: Nonlinearities at a lyotropic liquid crystal interface
1988: Optical nonlinearities in lyotropic liquid crystals
2002: Solitonlike propagation in photorefractive crystals with large optical activity and absorption
2003: (2+1)-dimensional soliton formation in photorefractive Bi12SiO20 crystals
2003: Dynamics of counterpropagating pulses in photonic crystals: Enhancement and suppression of stimulated emission processes
2003: Quasinormal-mode description of waves in one-dimensional photonic crystals
2003: Slowing light in ?(2) photonic crystals
2004: Second quantization and atomic spontaneous emission inside one-dimensional photonic crystals via a quasinormal-modes approach


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