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Bertics, Paul J.

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Bertics, P.J.


Abbott, Nicholas L.;   Govindaraju, Thimmaiah;   Hall, David J.;   Israel, Barbara A.;   Jang, Chang-Hyun;   Korpi, Nichole L.;   Luk, Yan-Yeung;   Murphy, Christopher J.;   Raines, Ronald T.;   Schiller, Joan H.;   Tingey, Matthew L.;   Wiepz, Gregory J.

Publication Titles

2003: Using Liquid Crystals to Amplify Protein-Receptor Interactions: Design of Surfaces with Nanometer-Scale Topography that Present Histidine-Tagged Protein Receptors
2005: Using Liquid Crystals to Report Membrane Proteins Captured by Affinity Microcontact Printing from Cell Lysates and Membrane Extracts
2007: Using Measurements of Anchoring Energies of Liquid Crystals on Surfaces To Quantify Proteins Captured by Immobilized Ligands

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