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Berry, R.S.


Abrahams, S.C.;   Brown, P.J.;   Glazer, A.M.;   Metselaar, R.;   Pandey, D.;   Perez-Mato, J.M.;   Roth, R.S.;   Tolédano, J.-C.

Publication Titles

2002: Response to K. H. Kuo's Comments on quasicrystalline phases and examples of quasicrystalline phase nomenclature in Nomenclature of magnetic, incommensurate, composition-changed morphotropic, polytype, transient-structural and quasicrystalline phases undergoing phase transitions. II. Report of an IUCr Working Group on Phase Transition Nomenclature by J.-C. TolÚdano et al. (2001). Acta Cryst. A57, 614-626

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