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Berret, J.-F.

Similar Names

Berret, J.F.;   Berret, Jean-Francois;   Berret, Jean-François


Decruppe, J.-P.;   Diat, O.;   Gamez-Corrales, R.;   Lerouge, S.;   Lindner, P.;   Molino, F.;   Müller, Stefan;   Porte, G.;   Roux, D.C.;   Schmidt, Claudia;   Thiele, Thomas

Publication Titles

1996: The shear-induced transition between oriented textures and layer-sliding-mediated flows in a micellar cubic crystal
1998: Structure and rheology of concentrated wormlike micelles at the shear-induced isotropic-to-nematic transition
2000: Shear-thickening transition in surfactant solutions: New experimental features from rheology and flow birefringence
2001: Rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfate/decanol/water nematics

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