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Berreman, Dwight W.

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Berreman, D.W.


Baur, G.;   Meiboom, Saul;   Scheffer, Terry J.;   Sussman, Alan;   Windscheid, F.

Publication Titles

1970: Reflection and transmission by single-domain cholesteric liquid crystal films: theory and verification
1972: Order versus temperature in cholesteric liquid crystals from reflectance spectra
1972: Solid Surface Shape and the Alignment of an Adjacent Nematic Liquid Crystal
1973: Alignment of liquid crystals by grooved surfaces
1973: Optics in smoothly varying anisotropic planar structures. Application to liquid-crystal twist cells
1973: Twisted smectic C phase. Unique optical properties
1974: Dynamics of liquid-crystal twist cells
1975: Author's reply to comments by Sheng, Priestley, and Wojtowicz on 'Elastic continuum theory cutoffs and order in nematics and solids'
1975: Elastic continuum theory cutoffs and order in nematics and solids
1975: Liquid-crystal twist cell dynamics with backflow
1975: Optical properties of a nematic twist cell
1979: Net lateral flow during a twist-cell cycle
1984: Domain-wall tension allows bistability in imperfect laminar cholesteric twist cells
1984: Tensor representation of Oseen-Frank strain energy in uniaxial cholesterics


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