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Berreman, D.W.

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Berreman, Dwight W.


Andreadakis, N.;   Baur, G.;   Butler, G.;   Cheng, Julian;   Heffner, W.R.;   Lee, S.-D.;   Lin, Chinlon;   Marcus, M.;   Meiboom, S.;   Patel, J.S.;   Saifi, M.A.;   Sammon, M.;   Sammon, M.J.;   Scheffer, T.J.;   Sussman, A.;   Thurston, R.N.;   Wittwer, V.;   Zasadzinski, J.A.

Publication Titles

1970: Bragg Reflection of Light from Single-Domain Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Films
1970: Bragg reflection of light from single-domain cholesteric liquid-crystal films
1975: Effect of Backflow on Twist Cell Transmission
1976: Determination of the Tilt Angles at Surfaces of Substrates in Liquid Crystal Cells
1976: Determination of the tilt angles at surfaces of substrates in liquid crystal cells
1979: Anomalous stiffness and tilt angle in nematics from nonuniform attachment angle
1979: Net Lateral Flow during a Twist-Cell Cycle
1980: Liquid crystal alignment on surfactant-treated obliquely evaporated surfaces
1980: New Bistable Liquid Crystal Twist Cell
1980: New bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display
1981: Boundary-layer model of field effects in a bistable liquid-crystal geometry
1981: Equilibrium and stability of liquid-crystal configurations in an electric field
1981: New bistable liquid-crystal twist cell
1982: Switching characteristics of a bistable cholesteric twist cell
1983: Domain Wall Tension Allows Bistability in Imperfect Laminar Cholesteric Twist Cells
1983: Lattice symmetry of the cholesteric blue phases
1984: Blue Phase Structure Analysis by optical Bragg Diffractions
1984: Tensor representation of Oseen-Frank strain energy in uniaxial cholesterics
1985: A wedge cell characterization method for the bistable cholesteric twist cell
1985: Order And Biaxiality Variation in Disclinations and Thin Cells
1986: Freeze-fracture electron-microscope observations of the blue phase III
1986: Theory and simulation of freeze-fracture in cholesteric liquid crystals
1990: Electrically tunable optical filter for infrared wavelength using liquid crystals in a Fabry-Perot etalon
1991: What We Don't Know about Nematic Liquid Crystals


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