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Bermejo, J.

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Bermejo, Jenaro


Alvarez, R.;   Blanco, C.;   Bonhomme, J.;   Casal, E.;   Diez, M.A.;   Edie, D.;   Fernandez, J.J.;   Figueiras, A.;   Fleurot, O.;   Granda, M.;   Machnikowska, H.;   Machnikowski, J.;   Menedez, R.;   Menendez, R.;   Prada, V.;   Santamaria, R.

Publication Titles

1993: Influence of chemical composition of pitches on mesophase formation and coke structure
1995: Modification of coal-tar pitch by air-blowing - I. Variation of pitch composition and properties
1995: The role of low-molecular-weight components in the pyrolysis of pitches
1997: A novel method for mesophase separation
1997: Characterization of coal-derived pitches as precursors for advanced carbon materials by chromatographic and related techniques
1997: Relationships between pitch composition and optical texture of cokes
1998: Characterization of pitch-based carbon materials by optical microscopy
1998: Influence of primary QI on pitch pyrolysis with reference to unidirectional C/C composites
1999: Contribution of the isotropic phase to the rheology of partially anisotropic coal-tar pitches
1999: Microstructure and properties of pitch-based carbon composites
1999: Preparation of novel pitches by tar air-blowing
2000: A comparative study of air-blown and thermally treated coal-tar pitches
2000: Separation and characterization of the isotropic phase and co-existing mesophase in thermally treated coal-tar pitches


Carbon, 33, 295
Carbon, 35, 1191
Carbon, 35, 555
Carbon, 36, 883
Carbon, 37, 1059
Carbon, 37, 97
Carbon, 38, 1169
Carbon, 38, 517
Conf. Proc. - Int. Conf. Coal Sci., 7 (1) 485
Fuel, 74, 1792
J. Chromatogr. A, 778, 403
J. Microsc. (Oxford), 196, 213
Prepr. Symp. - Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Fuel Chem., 43, 941

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