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Berg, D.B.


Beklemishev, K.A.;   Chukanov, V.N.;   Lykova, O.B.;   Mints, R.I.;   Mintz, R.I.;   Stolin, I.V.

Publication Titles

1994: Compositional lipids lyotropism, modified by D2O
1994: Computer morphological analysis of lyotropic liquid crystals textures
1995: Experimental and computer study of the aggregation of molecules in the crystal-liquid crystal system
1996: Calculation of optical unipolar parameter of liquid crystal textures
1996: Optical unipolarity of liquid crystals
1996: Structural utilization of low-intensity light energy in lyotropic crystals (the model of photoprocessor)
1996: The moving interface boundary "liquid crystal (LC) - non-mesogenous crystal" as the LC phase transition inducing factor
1997: Structure-formation role of heavy water in lyotropic liquid crystal system of lipids
2001: The formation of domain structure of the phospholipid bilayers by two-dimensional phase transition "LC->gel": computer modelling


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