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Berghmans, H.

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Berghmans, Hugo


Arnauts, J.;   Bauwens, Y.;   Buyse, K.;   Deberdt, F.;   Godovskii, Yu.K.;   Groeninckx, G.;   Koningsveld, R.;   Konyukhova, E.V.;   Meeussen, F.;   Moerkerke, R.;   Nies, E.;   Overbergh, N.;   Reynaers, H.;   Roels, T.;   Schacht, E.;   Smets, G.;   Vidts, A.;   Volegova, I.A.

Publication Titles

1972: Influence of thermal history on the melting behavior of isotactic polystyrene
1980: Morphology and melting behavior of semicrystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate). I. Isothermally crystallized PET
1990: Equilibrium melting behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene
1994: Polymers and the phase rule
1994: Solvent quality and phase stability in syndiotactic polystyrene-solvent systems
1997: Effect of compatibility of components on the formation of the mesophase of cyclolinear polyorganosiloxanes in blends with poly(dimethylsiloxane)
1998: Phase behavior of the system estradiol/poly(.epsilon.-caprolactone)
1999: Thermoreversible gelation of solutions of isotactic poly(methyl methacrylate) in 2-butanone
2000: Molecular complex formation in the system poly(vinyl methyl ether)/water


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