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Berezina, E.V.


Bykova, V.V.;   Fomichev, D.S.;   Godlevski, V.A.;   Godlevskiy, V.A.;   Godlevsky, V.A.;   Khrunov, A.A.;   Klyuev, M.V.;   Latyshev, V.N.;   Levchenko, V.A.;   Manashov, A.G.;   Usol'tseva, Nadejda;   Volkov, A.V.;   Zharnikova, N.V.

Publication Titles

1994: The application of phthalocyanine derivatives as discotic tribo-active additives
2002: The investigation triboactive heterocyclic additives in the oil medium
2004: Studying of concentrational dependences of viscosity of water solutions of dyes
2004: The creation of calculating algorithm for tribological activity of cutting fluids evaluation
2004: The investigation of dyes-additives to greases during steels drilling and in frictional contact zone
2005: Interconnection of reologic and tribologic characteristics of some discotic mesogens, applied as triboactive additives
2008: The description of spatial and temporary characteristics of boundary lubrication layer forming from mesogenic environment


Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (2) 114
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (3-4) 51
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (3-4) 54
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (3-4) 63
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (3-4) 75
Liq. Cryst. Appl. (Ivanovo), (4) 54
Tribologia, 25, 528

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