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Berdague, P.

Alternative Writings

Berdagué, P.

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Berdague, Philippe


Abdelhadi, O.;   Allouchi, H.;   Ammar-Khodja, F.;   Bayle, J.-P.;   Bayle, J.P.;   Boudah, S.;   Chasseau, D.;   Cotrait, M.;   Courtieu, J.;   Ferroukhi, O.;   Fung, B.M.;   Guermouche, M.H.;   Guermouche, S.;   Hedli, A.;   Ho, Mei-Sing;   Judeinstein, P.;   Lafontaine, E.;   Leblanc, K.;   Lesot, P.;   Meddour, A.;   Munier, M.;   Nagaraja, C.S.;   Perez, F.;   Petit-Jean, D.;   Ramanathan, K.V.;   Rault, J.;   Rogalska, Ewa;   Rogalski, Marek;   Sinha, N.;   Sinha, Neeraj

Publication Titles

1993: New laterally aromatic branched liquid crystal materials with large nematic ranges
1995: Change of the lateral chain conformation in the solid and the nematic phase in laterally substituted nematogens
1995: Gas chromatographic study of the thermal and analytical properties of a nematic liquid crystal and its cupric complex
1995: Influence of a lateral aliphatic chain on the ordering in some nematic compounds
1995: Investigation of thermal and analytical properties of two nematic liquid crystals by gas chromatography
1995: New laterally alkoxy-branched metallomesogens with a large nematic range
1996: Comparison of two azobenzene liquid crystal stationary phases in open tubular column gas chromatography
1997: Influence of the lateral alkoxy chain length on the gas chromatographic properties of five liquid crystals
1997: Proton-Decoupled Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy in a Lyotropic Chiral Nematic Solvent as an Analytical Tool for the Measurement of the Enantiomeric Excess
1998: New chemically bonded liquid crystal for high-performance liquid chromatography. Synthesis, characterization, and chromatographic behavior
1999: Gas chromatographic properties of some liquid crystals containing dioxyethylene ether terminal chains
1999: Nematogens with more flexible chains than aromatic rings in the core
1999: Synthesis and properties of two new liquid crystals: an analytical and thermodynamic study
2000: Synthesis and ionic properties of nematic compounds bearing an ether-crown moiety: an NMR approach
2001: Conformational behaviour of laterally dialkoxy branched mesogens. Part two
2001: Nematogens containing oxyethylene units at a lateral or terminal position and their mixtures with salts
2001: Nematogens incorporating a lateral flexible ring
2001: Ordering of some liquid crystals containing the 2-phenylindazole core


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