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Berardi, Roberto

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Berardi, R.


Burnell, E. Elliott;   Burnell, E.E.;   Cecchini, Marco;   Costantini, Alberto;   Emerson, Andrew P.J.;   Kuball, Hans-Georg;   Lee, Jang-Seob Joseph;   Lintuvuori, Juho S.;   Memmer, Reiner;   Muccioli, Luca;   Orlandi, Silvia;   Photinos, Demetri J.;   Ricci, Matteo;   Spinozzi, Francesco;   Steltzer, Joachim;   Stelzer, Joachim;   Syvitski, Raymond T.;   Tiberio, Giustiniano;   Vanakaras, Alexandros G.;   Wilson, Mark R.;   Zannoni, Claudio

Publication Titles

1992: Maximum entropy internal order approach to the study of intramolecular rotations in liquid crystals
1993: Monte Carlo investigations of a Gay-Berne liquid crystal
1994: The rotational-conformational distribution of 2,2'-bithienyl in liquid crystals
1997: Monte Carlo simulation of discotic Gay-Berne mesogens with axial dipole
1998: Chiral induction in nematics. A computer simulation study
1999: Flexoelectric effects in liquid crystals formed by pear-shaped molecules. A computer simulation study
2000: Columnar phases and field induced biaxiality of a Gay-Berne discotic liquid crystal
2000: Flexoelectric coefficients for model pear shaped molecules from Monte Carlo simulations
2000: Monte Carlo simulations of zero electric field gradient liquid crystal mixtures
2001: Ferroelectric nematic and smectic liquid crystals from tapered molecules
2002: A Computer Simulation Study of Tilted Smectic Mesophases from Dipolar Mesogens
2002: A Monte Carlo Study of the Chiral Columnar Organisations of Chiral Discotic Mesogens
2002: Bilayered Mesophases from Tapered Molecules: A Computer Simulation Study
2002: Dipole strength effects on the polymorphism in smectic A mesophases
2002: Orientational Order of Solutes in Liquid Crystals
2002: The Odd-Even Effect in Liquid Crystals: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
2003: Molecular dipoles and tilted smectic formation: A Monte Carlo study
2004: Can nematic transitions be predicted by atomistic simulations? A computational study of the odd-even effect
2004: Ferroelectric and Structured Phases from Polar Tapered Mesogens
2004: Mimicking electrostatic interactions with a set of effective charges: a genetic algorithm
2005: Columnar and interdigitated structures from apolar discotic mesogens with radial dipoles: a Monte Carlo study
2006: A Monte Carlo study of the mesophases formed by polar bent-shaped molecules
2007: A computer simulation study of the formation of liquid crystal nanodroplets from a homogeneous solution
2008: Columnar liquid crystals formed by bowl-shaped mesogens. A Monte Carlo study.
2008: Field response and switching times in biaxial nematics
2009: A soft-core Gay-Berne model for the simulation of liquid crystals by Hamiltonian replica exchange
2009: Towards in Silico liquid crystals. Realistic transition temperatures and physical properties for n-cyanobiphenyls via molecular dynamics simulations


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