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Berardi, R.

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Berardi, Roberto


Burnell, E.E.;   Cecchini, M.;   Fava, C.;   Fehervari, M.;   Kuball, Hans-Georg;   Lee, J.S.J.;   Memmer, R.;   Orlandi, S.;   Sokolovskii, R.O.;   Spinozzi, F.;   Stelzer, J.;   Zannoni, Claudio

Publication Titles

1992: A Maximum Entropy Internal Order Analysis of the Orientational - Conformation Distribution for Solutes in Liquid Crystals
1995: A generalized Gay-Berne intermolecular potential for biaxial particles
1996: A new maximum entropy conformational analysis of biphenyl in liquid crystal solution
1996: Antiphase structures in polar smectic liquid crystals and their molecular origin
1996: The conformations of alkyl chains in fluids. A maximum entropy approach
1998: A multitechnique maximum entropy approach to the determination of the orientation and conformation of flexible molecules in solution
1999: A Monte Carlo simulation study of associated liquid crystals
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2000: Do thermotropic biaxial nematics exist? A Monte Carlo study of biaxial Gay–Berne particles
2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2003: A Monte Carlo study of the chiral columnar organizations of dissymmetric discotic mesogens
2003: Biaxial discotic gay-berne mesogens and biaxial nematics
2003: Nonspontaneous nematic induction and other field effects in model mesogens
2008: Orientational order of solutes in liquid crystals: The effect of distributed electric quadrupoles


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