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Benton, W.J.

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Benton, William J.


Baijal, S.K.;   Evans, D.F.;   Fort, T.;   Ghosh, O.;   Kaler, E.W.;   Miller, C.A.;   Mukherjee, S.;   Natoli, J.;   Natoli, John;   Outubuddin, S.;   Qutubuddin, Syed;   Raney, K.H.;   Toor, E.W.

Publication Titles

1979: Observation of the parabolic focal conic structure and a disclination/dislocation relationship in a dilute lyotropic phase
1982: Liquid crystals and microemulsions in oil recovery
1983: Liquid crystals in a fused salt: .beta.,.gamma.-distearoylphosphatidylcholine in N-ethylammonium nitrate
1983: Lyotropic liquid crystalline phases and dispersions in dilute anionic surfactant-alcohol-brine systems. 1. Patterns of phase behavior
1983: Topological features of oily streak defects and parabolic focal conics in dilute lamellar lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
1986: Enhanced videomicroscopy of phase transitions and diffusional phenomena in oil-water-nonionic surfactant systems
1986: Phase behavior of dilute sodium dodecyl sulfate-hexanol-brine systems
1987: Viscosity and phase behavior of petroleum sulfonate solutions in the liquid-crystalline region


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