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Bentley, Maria Vitoria Lopes Badra

Alternative Writings

Bentley, M.V.L.B.;   Bentley, Maria V.L.B.


De Paula, Daniel;   Ferreira, Denise Alves;   Lopes, Luciana Biagini;   Steluti, Regilene;   Tedesco, Antonio Claudio;   Turchiello, Rozane de Fatima;   Vena, Flavia Cristina Bonilha

Publication Titles

2004: Lamellar and cubic liquid crystal phases as topical systems for release of the prodrugs 5-aminolevulinic acid and its methyl, butyl, hexyl, octyl, and decyl esters for use in photodynamic therapy and as photodiagnostics
2006: Particle dispersion of liquid - crystal phase as delivery system for the release of biologically active agents

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