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Benkler, E.


Arecchi, F.T.;   Behring, A.;   Boccaletti, S.;   Bortolozzo, U.;   Casillo, G.;   Ducci, S.;   Janossy, I.;   Jákli, Antal;   Jánossy, I.;   Kreuzer, M.;   Kósa, T.;   Makridis, D.;   Marrucci, L.;   Martin, R.;   Neubecker, R.;   Oppo, G.-L.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Paparo, D.;   Ramazza, P.L.;   Tschudi, T.;   Vajda, A.

Publication Titles

2001: Optically induced periodic structures in smectic-C liquid crystals
2002: Control of the orientational nonlinearity through photoisomerization in dye doped nematics
2002: Localized structures in nonlinear optics: spatial features and interactions
2002: Photoinduced Enhancement of the Optical Kerr Effect in the Iso-Tropic Phase of Dye Doped Liquid Crystals
2003: Light induced dichroism and birefringence in azo dye doped glycerol
2003: Manipulation and Removal of Defects in Spontaneous Optical Patterns
2003: Molecular reorientation by photoinduced modulation of rotational mobility
2003: Observation of a negative optical Kerr coefficient in the isotropic phase of azo dye doped liquid crystals
2004: Measurements of nonlinear absorption in azo dye doped liquids


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