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Benight, Albert S.

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Benight, A.S.


Doktycz, Mitchel J.;   Faldasz, Brian D.;   Gallo, Frank J.;   Hilario, Jovencio;   Lane, Michael J.;   Paner, Teodoro M.;   Riccelli, Peter V.;   Vallone, Peter M.;   Young, Anthony P.

Publication Titles

1993: Studies of DNA dumbbells. IV. Preparation and melting of a DNA dumbbell with the 16 base-pair sequence 5'-G-T-A-T-C-C-C-T-C-T-G-G-A-T-A-C3' linked on the ends by dodecyl chains
1996: DNA and RNA oligomer sequences from the 3' noncoding region of the chicken glutamine synthetase gene form intramolecular hairpins
1999: Melting studies of short DNA hairpins: influence of loop sequence and adjoining base pair identity on hairpin thermodynamic stability

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