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Benicewicz, Brian C.

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Benicewic, Brian C.;   Benicewicz, B.C.;   Benicewicz, Brian


Calundann, Gordon W.;   Charbonneau, Larry F.;   Douglas, Elliot P.;   Duran, Randolph S.;   Earls, Jim D.;   Gavrin, Arthur J.;   Hjelm, Rex P.;   Hoyt, Andrea E.;   Huang, Samuel J.;   Johnson, Julian F.;   Langlois, David A.;   Pavlisko, Joseph A.;   Priester, Ralph D.;   Setz, Stefan M.;   Shaw, Montgomery T.;   Smith, Mark E.

Publication Titles

1980: Keto-enamine model compounds for liquid crystalline polymers
1981: Mesomorphic behavior of enamine-ketone compounds
1981: Viscosity behavior of liquid crystals
1982: Mesomorphic properties of an homologous series of alkoxy-terminated enamine-ketone containing liquid crystals
1984: Mesomorphic Properties of an homologous Series of Alkyl-terminated Enamine-Ketone containing Liquid Crystals
1988: Melt-processible polyester capable of forming an anisotropic melt comprising relatively low concentrations of 6-oxy-2-naphthoyl, 4-oxybenzoyl, 2,6-dioxynaphthalene, and terephthaloyl moieties, and its use for fibers and moldings
1989: Rigid rod molecules as liquid crystal thermosets (LCT's)
1990: Rigid rod molecules as liquid-crystalline thermosets
1990: Rigid-rod molecules as liquid-crystal thermosets. I. Rigid-rod amides
1990: Rigid-rod molecules as liquid-crystal thermosets. II. Rigid-rod esters
1992: Curable liquid-crystal polyester monomers, their preparation, and blends and thermosetting compositions containing them
1992: Thermally polymerizable liquid crystalline diamides
1993: Liquid-crystalline bisacetylene thermosets
1993: Lyotropic liquid-crystalline oligomers for molecular composites
1994: Synthesis, Phase Behavior, and Curing Studies of Bisacetylene Rigid-Rod Thermosets
1994: The solution structure of a liquid crystal polymer with small liquid crystal thermosets
1995: Preparation of curable bispropargyl-endcapped monomers for liquid crystalline thermoset compositions
1996: Effect of high magnetic fields on orientation and properties of liquid crystalline thermosets
1996: Liquid crystalline polymer and liquid crystalline thermosetting resin composites
1996: Phase behavior of liquid crystalline thermosets
1997: Bisacetylene liquid crystalline thermosets with flexible tails
1997: Properties of liquid crystalline thermosets and their nanocomposites
1998: High magnetic field processing of liquid crystalline polymers
1998: High-magnetic-field-processing of thermosetting liquid crystalline polymers
1998: Liquid Crystalline Bispropargyl Thermosets
1998: Magnetic Field Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Thermosets


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