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Benicewicz, B.C.

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Benicewicz, Brian C.


Douglas, E.P.;   Earls, J.D.;   East, A.J.;   Hawley, M.E.;   Hjelm, R.P.;   Huang, S.J.;   Lee, J.-Y.;   Pavlisko, J.A.;   Priester, R.D.;   Smith, M.E.

Publication Titles

1982: Polymers containing hydrogen bonding rings. Synthesis and thermal properties of poly(enamine-ketones)
1984: New Liquid Crystals, Polymeric and Monomeric, derived from Binaphthyl
1991: Structural study of a wholly aromatic polyamide with a rigid pendent group by scanning tunneling microscopy
1995: The solution structure of liquid-crystal polymers with small liquid-crystal thermoset maleimides and nadimides
1996: High modulus liquid crystalline thermosetting resins through novel processing techniques
1997: Processing of polymers in high magnetic fields
2000: Alternating styrene-maleimide liquid crystalline copolymers


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