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Benguigui, L.


Abdulhalim, I.;   Ali, A.H.;   Cabib, D.;   Cabib, Dario;   Cohen de Lara, E.;   Collin, D.;   Felsteiner, J.;   Gertner, I.;   Hardouin, F.;   Hilliou, L.;   Jacobs, A.E.;   Kahn, R.;   Keller, P.;   Lambert, M.;   Martinoty, P.;   Mauzac, M.;   Michelson, A.;   Noirez, L.;   Opher, R.;   Pepy, G.;   Ron, P.;   Sigaud, G.;   Sonntag, P.;   Weil, R.

Publication Titles

1977: Phenomenological theory of the polarized helicoidal smectic C phase
1977: Symmetry changes and dipole orderings in the smectic A to C phase transitions of second order
1977: The smectic C phase of liquid crystals
1978: Behavior of electric susceptibility and electroclinic coefficient near the chiral smectic A-C* transition
1978: Determination of the tilt angle in the smectic C phase of bis-(heptyloxy)-azoxybenzene by means of dielectric measurements
1978: Dielectric permittivity in the smectic a phase of liquid crystals
1979: A Landau theory of the NAC point
1979: Theory of the dielectric constant of the smectic phases, and comparison with experiments
1980: Compton scattering study in the liquid crystal and solid phases of DHAB
1980: Dielectric anisotropy in the smectic phases of liquid crystals
1980: Dielectric properties and structure of the smectic phases
1981: Antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1981: Dipole ordering in liquid crystals
1981: Reentrant nematic and smectic A phases: the dielectric approach
1982: Dielectric relaxations in a liquid crystal with helicoidal dipole ordering
1983: Dielectric relaxation in the crystalline smectic-B phase
1983: Lifshitz point in the smectic A phases
1984: Dielectric relaxation and nematic order in liquid crystals
1984: Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystals
1984: Free volume effect on the molecular dynamics in liquid crystals
1984: New dielectric relaxation in a bilayered fluid smectic phase
1984: Short range order in polar SA phases through dielectric relaxation
1985: Light transmission measurements in the liquid crystal SmC* phase of DOBAMBC at normal incidence
1985: Selective reflection by helicoidal liquid crystals. Results of an exact calculation using the 4 x 4 characteristic matrix method
1986: Rippled state in the smectic-A phases
1987: Ultrasound studies of the polymer liquid crystal P41
1988: A model of the reentrant phase transition of a smectic-C* liquid crystal under magnetic field
1988: Critical angles for light propagation in the chiral smectic liquid crystals
1989: Acoustical properties of the polymer liquid crystal (P41)35 in the nematic, smectic A and glass phases
1989: Landau theory of the helicoidal C* phase in smectic liquid crystals: Re-entrance of the smectic-C* phase and order of the smectic-C–smectic-C* transition
1989: Smectic-A-smectic-C transition: mean-field and critical behaviors
1990: Optics of chiral smectic liquid crystals near their Lifshitz point
1991: Elastic constants at the smectic A-crystalline smectic B phase transition of the compound 50.8
1991: Quasi-elastic neutron scattering study of a re-entrant side-chain liquid-crystal polyacrylate
1991: Smectic order and backbone anisotropy of a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer by small-angle neutron scattering
1994: New interpretation of second-sound measurements at the nematic-smectic-A transition: nonhydrodynamic behavior of the layer-compression elastic constant
1994: Reentrant smectic-C and smectic-C phases in liquid crystals under an electric field
1994: Some remarks on the elastic properties of the nematic and smectic A phases of liquid crystals
1996: Critical sound damping: when does scaling hold?
1997: Characterizing the nature of the smectic A-smectic C and smectic A-smectic C* transitions
1997: The nature of the smectic-A-smectic C transition
1998: The cholesteric-smectic A transition
1999: Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers: Gel-like Behavior below Their Gelation Points


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