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Bena, R.

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Bena, Rodica


Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Baciu, I.;   Baciu, Ion;   Badragan, I.;   Barbero, G.;   Cuculescu, I.;   Cuculescu, J.;   Dumitru, M.;   Enache, A.;   Florea, C.;   Ghizdeanu, C.;   Honciuc, M.;   Ionescu, Andrei Th.;   Manaila, D.;   Mitroi, R.;   Motoc, C.;   Paun, V.;   Popa, E.;   Popescu, V.;   Rosu, C.;   Savin, O.;   Slavnicu, E.;   Slavnicu, S.;   Smeianu, G.;   Socaciu, K.;   Socaciu, M.;   Sofron, E.;   Stoian, V.

Publication Titles

1980: Dynamic scattering in binary compensate cholesteric mixture with pleochroic dye added
1983: Costa Ribeiro effect in some cholesteryl esters
1983: New pulsatory instability in cholesteric mixtures
1983: Thermodielectric effect during phase transition in liquid crystals
1984: Optical and electrohydrodynamical effects in a compensated cholesteric mixture
1992: Study of the Electric Relaxation in Some Fatty Acids in the Mesomorphic State
1992: Thermoelectret Method Revealing Phase Transitions in Fatty Acids
1994: Build-up of thermoelectrets at phase transitions in fatty acids
1994: Nonlinear effects on the electrical conduction of smectic mesophases
1995: Transitions from smectic C to isotropic phase in an applied electric field
1996: Mesomorphic states of some fatty acids
1997: Electro-Optical and Conductive Properties of a Polymer-Liquid Crystal Composite Film


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