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Benavente, Rosario

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Benavente, R.


Arranz-Andrés, Javier;   Bello, Antonio;   Cerrada, María L.;   Lorenzo, Vicente;   López-Majada, Juan M.;   Marugan, Monica M.;   Palza, Humberto;   Perena, Jose M.;   Perena, Jose Manuel;   Pereng, Jose Manuel;   Perez, Ernesto;   Pereña, José M.;   Peña, Begoña;   Polo-Corpa, María J.;   Pérez, Ernesto;   Quijada, Raúl;   Riande, Evaristo;   Suárez, Inmaculada;   VanderHart, David L.;   Velilla, Teresa;   Zhen, Zhu;   Zhu, Zhen;   del Campo, Aranzazu

Publication Titles

1992: Thermotropic properties and conformational studies on poly(triethylene glycol p,p'-bibenzoate) and poly(octamethylene p,p'-bibenzoate)
1993: Relaxation processes in thermotropic polydibenzoates with oxyethylene spacers in the main chain
1994: Influence of annealing on the thermal and viscoelastic behavior of poly(triethylene glycol p,p'-dibenzoate)
1994: Phase transitions in liquid crystalline poly(octamethylene p,p'-dibenzoate)
1994: Thermotropic liquid crystal polyesters derived from 4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylic acid and oxyalkylene spacers
1995: Solid-State 13C NMR Study of Thermotropic Poly(bibenzoates). 2. Poly(triethylene glycol p,p'-bibenzoate)
1996: Dynamic mechanical relaxations of liquid crystalline copolyesters derived from bibenzoic acid
1996: Solubility of liquid crystalline copolybibenzoates
1997: Characterization and properties of thermotropic polybibenzoates
1998: Mechanical properties of thermotropic polybibenzoates
1998: Synthesis and phase behavior of liquid crystalline polyesters derived from p,p'-bibenzoic acid and meso and R-3-methylhexanediol
2000: Liquid crystalline polyoxetanes with two mesogens in the side chain separated by a flexible spacer
2000: Synchrotron X-ray Study of the Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystal Polyesters Derived from p,p'-Bibenzoic Acid and racemic- and (R)-3-Methyl-1,6-hexanediol
2003: Synchrotron X-ray and DSC Studies of the Phase Behaviour of Poly(diethylene glycol p,p'-bibenzoate)
2005: Metallocenic Copolymers of Isotactic Propylene and 1-Octadecene: Crystalline Structure and Mechanical Behavior
2007: Metallocenic Isotactic Poly(propylene) and its Copolymers with 1-Hexene and Ethylene
2008: Comonomer Length Influence on the Structure and Mechanical Response of Metallocenic Polypropylenic Materials
2009: Formation of the New Trigonal Polymorph in iPP-1-Hexene Copolymers. Competition with the Mesomorphic Phase


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