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Benavente, R.

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Benavente, Rosario


Bello, A.;   Del Campo, A.;   Heaton, N.J.;   Lorenzo, V.;   Marugan, M.M.;   Perena, J.M.;   Perez, E.;   Zhu, Zhen

Publication Titles

1991: Solubility of thermotropic polybibenzoates with oxyethylene spacers
1992: Microhardness and DSC measurements on liquid crystalline poly(diethylene glycol p,p'-bibenzoate) as a function of the aging time
1992: Solubility parameters of thermotropic poly(bibenzoates) with various spacers
1994: Influence of the annealing on the viscoelastic behavior of poly(triethylene glycol p,p'-bibenzoate)
1994: The activation energy spectrum for the enthalpy relaxation of a glassy liquid crystalline polymer: memory effects
1995: Influence of thermal history on the mechanical properties of thermotropic poly(ethylene glycol p,p'-dibenzoate)
1995: Liquid crystallization and crystallization kinetics of thermotropic polyester
1996: The .gamma. relaxation in polymers containing ether linkages: conformation dynamics in the amorphous phase for a series of polybibenzoates containing oxyethylene spacers
1997: Analysis of the activation energy spectrum for the enthalpy relaxation of a glassy liquid crystalline polymer
1997: Thermal transitions and dynamic mechanical properties of liquid crystalline poly(dibenzoates) with 3-methyl-1,6-hexanediol as a spacer


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