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Ben-Shaul, Avinoam

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Ben-Shaul, A.


Bagdassarian, Carey K.;   Bohbot, Yardena;   Chen, Zhong-Ying;   Gelbart, William M.;   Granek, Rony;   Kramer, Diego;   Masters, Andrew;   May, Sylvio;   McMullen, William E.;   Rabin, Yitzhak;   Roux, Didier;   Steenhuizen, Linda;   Szleifer, Igal;   Talbot, Julian;   Zemel, Assaf

Publication Titles

1982: Molecular theory of curvature elasticity in nematic liquids
1983: On the stretching of alkyl chains by nematics
1984: Anisotropy induced in a semi-flexible Polymer by a Liquid-Crystalline Solvent
1985: Isotropic-nematic transition in micellized solutions
1985: On the partitioning of cosurfactant in mixed micelles: size enhancement and nematic stability
1986: Theory of micellar stability in isotropic and nematic phases
1988: Curvature Elasticity of Pure and Mixed Surfactant Films
1988: Phase Transitions in Systems of Grafted Rods
1991: Curvature defects in lamellar phases of amphiphile-water systems
1991: Statistical thermodynamics of molecular organization in the inverse hexagonal phase
1994: Smectic-A to bilayer evolution in concentrated surfactant solutions: the role of spontaneous curvature
1995: Monte Carlo and mean-field studies of phase evolution in concentrated surfactant solutions
2008: Modulation of the Spontaneous Curvature and Bending Rigidity of Lipid Membranes by Interfacially Adsorbed Amphipathic Peptides


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