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Belyaev, Victor V.

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Belyaev, V.V.;   Belyaev, Victor


Bakeyev, Nickolai;   Bazhenov, Sergei;   Chistovskaya, Larisa;   Chistovskaya, Larissa;   Ivanov, Sergei;   Ivanov, Sergei A.;   Konovalov, Victor;   Konovalov, Victor A.;   Kovtonyuk, Nikolai F.;   Litvak, Igor;   Muravskii, Anatoly;   Petrov, Vladimir F.;   Samsonov, Vladimir;   Tarasishin, Andrei V.;   Trofimov, Sergei;   Tsov, Valery I.;   Vinokurov, Vladimir A.;   Volynski, Alexander;   Volynsky, Alexander;   Voronina, Elena;   Yakovenko, Sergei Y.

Publication Titles

1994: New achievements in the technology of liquid-crystal spatial-light modulators
1995: Liquid crystals in spatial light modulators
2000: Preparation of plastic substrates with controlled relief for liquid crystal alignment
2001: Displays in USSR, Russia, and Commonwealth of Independent States: lost and found priorities
2001: Electro-optics of 90-deg. and 270-deg. twist cells with cholesteric dopants
2001: Fabrication of thin polymeric substrates with periodic microrelief and their optical properties
2002: Azimuthal Anchoring of Liquid Crystal on Polymeric Substrates with Periodic Microrelief Obtained by Stretching Method
2002: Digital Modelling of Optical Properties of Birefringent Gratings with Surface Microrelief
2005: PDLC shutters for 3D imaging
2010: Sulfur as a Structural Element in Calamitic Liquid Crystals. 2 Terminal, Linking, Axial and Lateral Substitutions. 3 Sulfur-Containing Rings


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