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Belyaev, V.S.


Auguste, T.;   Bellucci, I.;   Bollanti, S.;   D'Oliveira, P.;   Di Lazzaro, P.;   Faenov, A.Ya.;   Flora, F.;   Fournier, K.B.;   Francucci, M.;   Hulin, S.;   Kyrilov, A.S.;   Magunov, A.I.;   Martellucci, S.;   Matafonov, A.P.;   Monot, P.;   Murra, D.;   Petrocelli, G.;   Pikuz, T.A.;   Skobelev, I.Yu.;   Vinogradov, V.I.

Publication Titles

2003: Influence of optical thickness and hot electrons on Rydberg spectra of Ne-like and F-like copper ions
2004: Analysis of high-n dielectronic Rydberg satellites in the spectra of Na-like Zn XX and Mg-like Zn XIX

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