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Belova, G.N.


Korolev, Yu.N.;   Remizova, E.I.;   Yakovenko, G.N.

Publication Titles

1983: Intracavity modulation of the output intensity of lasers by acoustooptic effects in liquid crystals
1985: Effect of a transverse electric field on the acousto-optical effect in an oriented layer of a nematic liquid crystal
1986: Acoustooptical effect in a nonaligned nematic layer due to periodic shear deformation
1988: Effect of boundary conditions on the acoustooptical effect in nematic liquid crystals
1988: Influence of transverse electric field on the acoustooptical effect in a liquid-crystalline layer due to surface acoustic wave


Akust. Zh., 34, 24
Kristallografiya, 30, 343
Kristallografiya, 31, 517
Kristallografiya, 33, 1320
Kvantovaya Elektron. (Moscow), 10, 851

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