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Belousov, S.I.


Buzin, A.I.;   Chalykh, A.E.;   Godovskii, Yu.K.;   Godovsky, Yu.K.;   Makarova, N.N.;   Matveev, V.V.;   Pechhold, W.;   Sapozhnikova, I.V.;   Sautter, E.;   Sysoev, A.V.

Publication Titles

1992: Behavior of a composition based on polycarbonate and thermotropic polyester during mixing in the melt; flow and formation of phase structure
1996: Effect of ring size and the nature of side groups in cyclolinear polysiloxanes on their ability to form Langmuir films
1996: Langmuir-Blodgett films of novel mesophase siloxanes
1996: Rheological behavior of thermoplastic blends containing a thermotropic liquid-crystal polyester
1996: Self-organization of discrete multilayers from hexacyclolinear polysiloxanes with methyl side substituents
1997: Self-organization of polysiloxane blends in thin layers and Langmuir films
1998: Organized Langmuir films and multilayers of mesomorphic cyclolinear polysiloxanes
1999: Self-organization of polysiloxanes into mono- and multilayer structures at interphase boundaries


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