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Belotskii, E.D.


Byval'kevich, M.A.;   Fedoryakao, A.P.;   Gritsenko, N.I.;   Il'chishin, I.P.;   Koval'chuk, A.V.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lev, B.I.;   Rogoza, A.V.;   Sergan, V.V.;   Shpak, M.T.;   Tolmachev, A.V.;   Tomchuk, P.M.

Publication Titles

1980: Effective ion mass in a liquid crystal
1984: New type of interaction of macrobodies implanted in a liquid crystal
1985: Incommensurate and helical structures in nematic liquid crystals located in an electric field
1988: Temperature microfluctuation stimulated phototransformation of liquid-crystal molecules
1990: Carrier mobility in nematic liquid crystals
1990: Influence of incommensurability in a nematic liquid crystal with induced gyrotropy
1990: Low-frequency mutual transformations of the nematic drop structure in a constant electric field
1991: Deformation of a helical axis induced in a nematic liquid crystal by a chiral dopant
1991: Effects of Incommensurability in the Nematic Liquid Crystals with Induced Gyrotropy
1991: Incommensurability in induced cholesteric liquid crystals
1991: Study of optical properties of liquid crystals with induced helicity by laser spectroscopy


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