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Bellwood, Martin

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Bellwood, M.


Abser, Mohammed N.;   Buckley, Christina;   Buckley, Christina M.;   Cookson, Patrick D.;   Holmes, Michael C.;   McCabe, Richard W.

Publication Titles

1993: Aroylhydrazinatonickel(II) and copper(II) complexes; a new class of metallomesogens
1994: Examination of the structural features necessary for mesophase formation with aroylhydrazinato-nickel(II) and -copper(II) complexes
1995: Alkyl- and alkoxyaroylhydrazinato metal complexes - unusual x-ray diffraction within the smectic C phase
1998: Unusual molecular packing within the low symmetry mesophases of alkyl- and alkoxy-acylhydrazinatonickel(II) liquid crystals

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