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Bellini, Tommaso

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Bellini, T.


Banavar, Jayanth R.;   Buscaglia, Marco;   Chapman, Brandon D.;   Cieplak, Marek;   Clark, Noel A.;   Cross, Julie O.;   Degiorgio, Vittorio;   Garland, Carl W.;   Glaser, Matthew A.;   Hough, Loren;   Hrubesh, Larry;   Jones, Christopher D.;   Lansac, Yves;   Malzbender, Rainer M.;   Mantegazza, Francesco;   Marangoni, Marco;   Maritan, Amos;   Morasso, Carlo;   Muzny, Chris D.;   Nakata, Michi;   Natale, Giorgio;   Oliver, Bernard J.;   Osellame, Roberto;   Pindak, Ronald;   Prosperi, Davide;   Radzihovsky, Leo;   Ramponi, Roberta;   Rappaport, Aaron G.;   Rotunno, Melissa;   Schaefer, Dale W.;   Thomas, Britt N.;   Toner, John;   Wu, Lei;   Zanchetta, Giuliano

Publication Titles

1992: Phase behavior of the liquid crystal 8CB in a silica aerogel
1993: X-ray scattering study of smectic ordering in a silica aerogel
1994: Nematic-isotropic transition in porous media
1995: Dynamic light scattering study of nematic and smectic-A liquid crystal ordering in silica aerogel
1996: First-order transitions and hexatic ordering in the aerogel-confined liquid crystal 650BC
1998: Light-scattering measurement of the nematic correlation length in a liquid crystal with quenched disorder
2001: Universality and Scaling in the Disordering of a Smectic Liquid Crystal
2003: Dynamic control of the optical properties of a liquid crystal waveguide by means of an applied electric field
2003: Reshaping of the refractive index profile of a liquid crystal waveguide by means of an external electric field
2004: Phase behavior of polarizable spherocylinders in external fields
2006: Phantom Nanoparticles as Probes of Biomolecular Interactions
2007: End-to-End Stacking and Liquid Crystal Condensation of 6- to 20-Base Pair DNA Duplexes
2008: Phase separation and liquid crystallization of complementary sequences in mixtures of nanoDNA oligomers
2008: Physical Polymerization and Liquid Crystallization of RNA Oligomers


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