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Belenov, E.M.


Bykovskii, A. Yu;   Kompanets, I.N.;   Parfenov, A.V.;   Poluektov, I.A.;   Popov, Yurii M.;   Romanenko, V.I.;   Sagitov, S.I.;   Sobolev, A.G.;   Soboleva, E.M.;   Tsukanov, V.G.;   Uskov, A.V.

Publication Titles

1982: Increase of the efficiency of emission of light by surface plasma oscillations in metal-barrier-metal-liquid crystal structures
1983: Excitation of surface plasma oscillations and their study in structures with spatially inhomogeneous boundary conditions
1985: Scattering of surface electromagnetic waves at an interface between a metal and a liquid crystal

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