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Beginn, U.


Ahn, Cheol-Hee;   Anokhin, Denis V.;   Azumi, Reiko;   Bakirov, Artem;   Bakirov, Artem V.;   Chvalun, Sergei N.;   Festag, R.;   Gearba, Raluca I.;   Gorzolnik, Blazej;   Holerca, Marian N.;   Ivanov, Dimitri A.;   Johansson, Gary;   Keinath, Sandra;   Lattermann, Günter;   Mourran, Ahmed;   Möller, Martin;   Percec, Virgil;   Prokhorova, Svetlana A.;   Scherbina, Maxim A.;   Shcherbina, Maxim A.;   Sheiko, Sergei S.;   Sheiko, Sergej;   Tartsch, Bernd;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Würthner, Frank;   Yan, Linglong;   Yao, Sheng;   Zhu, Xiaomin;   Zipp, Gabriela

Publication Titles

1993: Flüssigkristalline Benzamide, Benzhydrazide und Benzylidenhydrazide
1993: Mesogenic Primary Benzamides
1994: Liquid Crystalline Benzamides and -Hydrazides as Examples for Supramolecular Association and Covalent Bonding
1994: Liquid crystalline primary benzamides
1995: Mesogenic Low Molecular and Polymeric Hydrazides. I. Synthesis
1995: Mesogenic low molecular weight and polymeric hydrazides. I. Synthesis
1996: Mesogenic low-molecular and polymeric hydrazides. Part 2. Mesophase characterization
1996: Supramolecular mesophases via hydrogen bonding in main chain polyhydrazides
1997: New carbohydrate amphiphiles. I. Synthesis
1997: Self-organization of a liquid - crystalline methacrylate-monofunctionalized crown-ether compound in low-shrinkage acrylate mixtures
1997: Synthesis and characterization of monomethacrylate-functionalized self-organizing crown ether compounds
1998: New carbohydrate amphiphiles, 2. Gel formation and gel morphologies
2000: Epitaxial Adsorption of Monodendron-Jacketed Linear Polymers on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
2000: Self-organization of 3,4,5-tris(octyloxy)benzamide in solution and embedding of the aggregates into methacrylate resins
2000: Self-organization of liquid crystalline 3,4,5-tris[(11-methacryloyl-undecyl-1-oxy)-4-benzyloxy] benzoates in low-shrinkage methacrylate mixtures
2000: Synthesis and characterization of tris-methacrylated 3,4,5-tris[(alkoxy)benzyloxy]benzoate derivatives
2003: Highly ordered merocyanine dye assemblies by supramolecular polymerization and hierarchical self-organization
2004: Surface Orientation of 3,4,5-Tris-Substituted Benzoic Acid Amphiphiles
2004: Wedge-shaped molecules with a sulfonate group at the tip - A new class of self-assembling amphiphiles
2006: Methacrylated Self-Organizing 2,3,4-Tris(alkoxy)benzenesulfonate: A New Concept Toward Ion-Selective Membranes
2006: Self-Organization of Polybases Neutralized with Mesogenic Wedge-Shaped Sulfonic Acid Molecules: An Approach toward Supramolecular Cylinders
2008: Thermotropic columnar mesophases of wedge-shaped benzenesulfonic acid mesogens
2010: Self-assembled structures formed by a wedge-shaped molecule in 2D and 3D: the role of flexible side chains and polar head groups


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