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Beeby, Andrew

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Beeby, A.


Albesa-Jove, David;   Batsanov, Andrei S.;   Burke, Jacqueline M.;   Clegg, William;   Collings, Jonathan C.;   Crooks, Esther R.;   Eastoe, Julian;   Fasina, Tolulope M.;   Heenan, Richard K.;   Howard, Judith A.K.;   Low, Paul J.;   Lydon, Donocadh P.;   Marder, Todd B.;   Porres, Laurent;   Scott, Andrew J.;   Viney, Christopher;   Ward, Richard M.;   Watt, Stephen W.

Publication Titles

1995: Structure and photophysics in C60-micellar solutions
2005: A simple "palladium-free" synthesis of phenyleneethynylene-based molecular materials revisited
2005: Synthesis, optical properties, crystal structures and phase behaviour of symmetric, conjugated ethynylarene-based rigid rods with terminal carboxylate groups

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