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Beck, R.


Abe, Y.;   Deek, J.;   Ding, C.;   Gradzielski, M.;   Hesse, H.C.;   Hoffmann, H.;   Horbaschek, K.;   Jones, J.B.;   Li, Y.;   MacDonald, N.C.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Savchuk, K.;   Shah, S.S.;   Strunz, P.;   Terabayashi, T.;   Yamashita, Y.

Publication Titles

2000: Phase behaviour and physical properties of the cationic quaternary system tetradecyldimethylamine oxide hydrochloric acid 1-hexanol water
2002: A Novel L3-Phase from a Ca-Salt of an Anionic Surfactant and a Cosurfactant
2004: Vesicle phases from alkyldimethylaminoxides and strong acids. The Hofmeister series of anions and the L1/L.alpha.-phase transition
2008: Direct Imaging of Aligned Neurofilament Networks Assembled Using In Situ Dialysis in Microchannels

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