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Becker, A.

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Becker, Alice


Braun, M.;   Caceres, Manuel O.;   Gremmels, J.;   Hoffmann, U.;   Hüttinger, K.J.;   Kramer, L.;   Langer, C.;   Meister, R.;   Ried, S.;   Scherowsky, Günter;   Schwendinger, J.;   Sprick, A.;   Stannarius, R.;   Stegemeyer, Horst

Publication Titles

1991: Asymptotic probability distribution for a supercritical bifurcation swept periodically in time
1995: Ferroelectricity of induced smectic C* phases
1995: Influence of the Achiral Host Phase on the Ferroelectric Properties of Induced Smectic C*Phases Containing Novel Dopants
1997: Electroconvection in smectic C liquid -crystal films visualized by optical anisotropy
1997: Elektrohydrodynamical Instabilities in Freely Suspended Smectic C and Smectic C*-Films
1997: Optical Investigation of the Goldstone Mode in Freestanding Films of Ferroelectric Smectic C* Phases
1997: Optical investigation of the Goldstone mode in free-standing films of ferroelectric smectic C* phases
1997: Surface order effects on the dynamics in thin free standing films of smectic liquid crystals
1998: Optical investigation of the Goldstone mode in free-standing films of ferroelectric smectic C phases
1999: Sintering of powders of polyaromatic mesophase to high-strength isotropic carbon-IV powders based on boron-substituted mesophase
2000: New carbon materials from boron- and silicon-substituted polyaromatic mesophases


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