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Bechhoefer, John

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Bechhoefer, J.


Germain, Claude;   Herbut, Igor F.;   Hutter, Jeffrey L.;   Langer, Stephen A.;   Lejcek, Lubor;   Lequeux, François;   Libchaber, Albert;   Löwen, Hartmut;   Melo, Francisco;   Miele, Angelo;   Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan;   Oswald, Patrick;   Simon, Adam J.;   Tamblyn, Nancy;   Tuckerman, Laurette S.;   Yethiraj, Anand

Publication Titles

1987: Instabilities of a moving nematic-isotropic interface
1987: Pattern formation behind a moving cholesteric-smectic A interface
1988: Observations of cellular and dendritic growth of a smectic-B-smectic-A interface
1988: Solitary Modes and the Eckhaus Instability in Directional Solidification
1989: Destabilization of a flat nematic -isotropic interface
1991: Dynamical mechanism for the formation of metastable phases
1991: Pattern formation during the growth of liquid crystal phases
1992: Crystal growth at long times: Critical behavior at the crossover from diffusion to kinetics-limited regimes
1992: Dynamical mechanism for the formation of metastable phases: The case of two nonconserved order parameters
1992: Facets of smectic A droplets I. Shape measurements
1992: Finite-size effects in smectic A droplets: steps, edge dislocations, and angular matching
1995: Investigating the nematic-smectic-A transition by capillary-length measurements near an apparent tricritical point
1995: Stabilizing effect of elasticity is not enough to resolve discrepancies in observations concerning a moving nematic-isotropic interface
1997: Many modes of rapid solidification in a liquid crystal
1997: Three Classes of Morphology Transitions in the Solidification of a Liquid Crystal
1997: Using nematic director fluctuations as a sensitive probe of the nematic-smectic-A phase transition in liquid crystals
1998: Morphology transitions in a liquid crystal
1999: External-Field-Induced Tricritical Point in a Fluctuation-Driven Nematic-Smectic-A Transition
1999: Morphology transitions in diffusion- and kinetics-limited solidification of a liquid crystal
2000: Effect of order-parameter fluctuations on the Halperin-Lubenski-Ma first-order transition in superconductors and liquid crystals
2000: Two Experimental Tests of the Halperin-Lubensky-Ma Effect at the Nematic-Smectic-A Phase Transition
2001: High-resolution study of fluctuation effects at the nematic-smectic-A phase transition
2002: Two experimental tests of a fluctuation-induced first-order phase transition: Intensity fluctuation microscopy at the nematic-smectic-A transition


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