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Bechhoefer, J.

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Bechhoefer, John


Bocquet, L.;   Duvail, J.-L.;   Frisken, B.J.;   Géminard, J.-C.;   Hornreich, R.M.;   Jerome, B.;   Jérme, B.;   Lequeux, F.;   Libchaber, A.;   Masson, L.;   Oswald, P.;   Pieranski, Pawel;   Simon, A.;   Sonin, A.A.;   Yethiraj, A.

Publication Titles

1988: Directional solidification of liquid crystals
1989: Influence of anisotropic elasticity on pattern formation in a cholesteric liquid crystal contained between two plates
1990: Anchoring transitions in nematic liquid crystals
1990: Critical behavior in anchoring transitions of nematic liquid crystals
1990: Systematic studies of the anchoring transition in nematic liquid crystals
1991: Anchoring transitions of nematic liquid crystals
1991: Shape measurements of faceted smectic A droplets
1995: Temperature-induced orientational transitions in freely suspended nematic films
1997: Experiments on Tracer Diffusion in Thin Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films


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