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Beccherelli, Romeo

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Beccherelli, R.


Asquini, Rita;   Beldon, Steve M.;   Bellini, Bob;   Bellini, Robert P.;   Brown, Carl V.;   Caputo, Roberto;   Donisi, Domenico;   Elston, Steve J.;   Gizzi, Claudio;   Judge, Lesley A.;   Manolis, Ilias G.;   Mottram, Nigel J.;   Umeton, Cesare;   d'Alessandro, Antonio;   de Sio, Luciano

Publication Titles

1999: Microscopic texture and grey scale generation in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1999: The pre-transitional effect in antiferroelectric liquid crystals: a comparison between theory and experiment
2000: An investigation into the director structure in the electroclinic effect at the S{\sub A}-S{\sub C}* transition
2000: Influence of the alignment process on the switching of high contrast antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
2000: Investigation of the apparently thresholdless behaviour in the high temperature range of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
2001: Surface evanescent field characterization of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2003: Performance optimization of optical switches in ferroelectric liquid crystals and polymers operating at 1550 nm
2004: Integrated optic devices using liquid crystals: design and fabrication issues
2005: Characterisation of Photoalignment Materials for Photonic Applications at Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
2006: Integrated Optics Using Smectic and Nematic Liquid Crystals
2007: Integrated Optics Devices Based on Liquid Crystals
2007: Theoretical Performance Analysis of an Integrated Optic Filter Made of Glass Waveguides and POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings
2008: Realization of an Optical Filter Using POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings on Glass Waveguides


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