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Beccherelli, R.

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Beccherelli, Romeo


Alessandri, A.;   Alessandro, A.D.;   Asquini, R.;   Bellini, B.;   Bernardini, F.;   Campoli, F.;   Cataldo, F.;   Donisi, D.;   Elston, S.J.;   Ferrara, V.;   Foglietti, V.;   Galbato, A.;   Galloppa, A.;   Gilardi, G.;   Judge, L.A.;   Kriezis, E.;   Maltese, P.;   Mottram, N.J.;   Padeletti, G.;   Petrocco, S.;   Trotta, M.;   Umeton, C.;   Wnek, M.;   Zografopoulos, D.;   Zuliani, F.;   d'Alessandro, A.;   de Sio, L.

Publication Titles

1996: Influence of charge transfer complex doping of polyamide alignment film on SSFLC cell performance
1996: Measurements of image sticking and hysteresis in SSFLC cells
1997: Matrix addressing waveforms for gray shades SSFLC displays
1997: Properties and stability of bismuth doped tin oxide thin films deposited on various types of glass substrates
1997: Use of PTFE alignment layers in passive addressed SSFLC displays
1998: Evaluation of optical anisotropy in the pretransitional regime in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: Video speed low total voltage matrix addressing technique for SSFLC displays
2000: Homogeneous and heterogeneous switching in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Unstable states of antiferroelectric liquid crystal devices
2007: Tunable one-dimensional photonic crystal slabs
2009: Realization of a Liquid Crystal Electrically Controlled Optical Waveguide on Micromachined Silicon
2010: Integration and Characterization of LC/Polymer Gratings on Glass and Silicon Platform


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